Children's Museum!

Last Friday, I took the girls to the Children's Museum for the first time. They loved it!

We went to the carousel first... the girls weren't too sure what was going on yet. So we didn't get much expression from them.

Jillian wouldn't even give up her paci... we're new to one nap a day, so after the long ride downtown, they needed a little bit of time to get warmed up. But, it didn't take long. (BTW - we were there to celebrate Jacklynn's first birthday! Happy Birthday, Jac - thanks for the invite!)

Lauren was in heaven in these pretend kitchens. This one was an ice cream parlor.

Jillian heard the music from the carousel and started to dance.

Lauren serving tea in the play house.

Cousin Sophie got to play with us, too!
By far, the biggest hit was "Playscape" - it's made for younger kids and this little area entertained them for about 45 minutes.

Lauren was carrying this block and crossing back and forth on the bridge over and over again. She has such a logical mind, I can only imagine what she thought she was accomplishing.

Lauren saying "Cheese!"

Jillian making friends - I have no idea who this little girl is.

My little monkey.

Of course, Lauren found the kitchen and got right to work, microwaving the pizza!

Another monkey shot.

Jillian even ventured to the sand area and was very curious to watch the big kids pour sand into the sand gizmos.

The girls barely made it out of the parking garage before they were asleep. All that playing sure makes you tired. I tried to keep Lauren awake (to save our nap at home), but it was useless to try.


Medley Family said...

Hey Jenny, I have a good friend getting married in Lafayette who emailed me to see if the guy (Andy) who did the video of my wedding was still doing any of that? I told her his life has changed quite a bit with two girls and another one on the way and the job with the Colts so I wasnt sure. Can you let me know..by posting back on my blog. Thanks

emily said...

Too big too fast I tell ya! Looks like fun!

Ingraldi Family said...

Too cute! They are so adorable and growing up so fast.

Christina said...

The Children's meusum is the best. I am glad you had a great time. They both so adorable.

Stephanie said...

That museum looks like so much fun! My daughter would love it!