New Year's Eve

We had a fun New Year's Eve, celebrating with a few friends: Todd and Robbie Stewart, Greg, Danielle and Titus Storrs. I was so mad at myself, because once again, I forgot to pick up my camera.

The girls enjoyed seeing Titus again (now 10 months). We haven't seen him since the wedding we attended in Michigan last May. He is so cute. Since I didn't get any pics of him, be sure to check the Storr's blog to see what I'm talking about.

I did get this one shot at the beginning of the night of the girls watching Todd and Robbie play Nintendo Wii. Which pretty much sums up the entire night. That and eating lots of junk food, including Puppy Chow (which I crave on New Year's Eve for some reason).

We ended the night with a $7 bottle of sparkling wine I "splurged" on. You know us Kellers, we spare no expense when it comes to celebrating!

Side note - Danielle and I are both pregnant and only 3 weeks apart. Their first pregnancy was also a struggle, so it's quite a surprise that we're both pregnant, again. Her little babies will be about 16 months apart.

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mrs. bland said...

Hey guys!!! Oh man, I'm a huge fan of puppy chow, Jenni! I might have to make some tonight! Hey, Eric told me you sold your house?!? That was fast!! I bet that's a great feeling. By the way... the girls are getting cuter by the day!! Lucas better "suit up" for our next Q'zees date! Hope to see you soon!