A "Cup"le suggestions

We've tried straws, snap-on lids, screw-on lids, soft spouts and hard... and I still can't find a cup I'm really in love with for the girls. Suggestions?

Right now, we're trying a Nuby brand cup (see Jillian's pic). So far, so good. I just want something that won't spill when thrown or drip when left on the floor. But, most importantly, doesn't cost $4/cup.


Haffner Home said...

Hello Jenni!
Love the pics of Christmas!!!
Re: cups- I have tried them all as well, and the best one for us has been the gerber, no spill, 12month+....for real no spills...Landon can throw it and nothing comes out it is great....they are $5 a cup though. we only have 3 and I have to keep them clean. why are they so pricey? Hey, I am getting bored with food these days for Landon....can you shoot me any ideas?

Mira said...

Hm...we do playtex. I love those the most. Foogo by Thermos are stainless steel (with all the worries about bad plastic these days) or born free sold at babiesrus...as for something under 4 bucks- GOOD LUCK!

Christina said...


That is a link to our favoirte - we get them at babies r us for about $4 for 2. They are First Years. I love them - Ethan uses a straw only now but Ella still loves her cup.

Vermilion Family said...

We love playtex cups. We had about seven from when Emma was born and we still use them for Carter. That's why you may see him carrying around a bright pink cup. The plastic valves are interchangeable with all playtex cups and are easily washed. The kids have thrown them, banged them against things and dropped them numerous times and nothing comes out. I've gone through so many sippy cups of other brands I finally have decided to stick to these, no matter how old and worn they look because they work. Good luck!

Medley Family said...

I tried out so many cups before determining that the Gerber cups are by far the best. Owen loves to throw his cups and turn them upside down trying to spill them and they dont allow that to happen. They are expensive however Target actually puts the two pack on sale for around $5-6 pretty often. Hope this helps!
PS We are super excited about your new little baby on the way. We will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby.