Movin' on up!

Our new home on Sandalwood Drive, in Carmel.

I think we must have set some kind of record for the sale of our home. It was listed for four weeks (during Christmas) and had a total of five showings. We were so shocked and amazed at the timing, because the day before we got the offer, we found a house in Carmel that we really liked.

After we finalized the deal on our home, we went to look at this home a second time and made an offer that night. We went back and forth a few times, but they accepted our offer and we're moving the second weekend in February!

We're so excited to be able to stretch out and in plenty of time to get everything ready for our newest arrival in July.


Ingraldi Family said...

Congratulations! We moved last May and had plenty of time to get settled before Ava came in December. We were in escrow when we found out we were pregnant. God's timing is everything. It proves that He already knows what we need before we ever ask.

Christina said...


emily said...

love it. looks like there might be room for a toy or two in there!

Mackey Family said...

That looks like a very nice house.Hope you have lots of room for your growing family. Good luck on your move.Take care of yourself Jenni because I know it can be a very busy, stressful but fun time.
Love Tammy