Andy Keller: Super Bowl Champion!

So last night was one of the coolest nights of our lives. We attended the "Dinner of Champions" where all the the Colts players, coaches and staff were presented with their championship rings. And just like everything with the Colts organization, the evening was done with class.

During cocktail hour, we rubbed shoulders with players and even got a "Hey, what's up?" from Peyton Manning... I'm totally serious.

We enjoyed dinner with Andy's co-worker and office-mate, Dan, and his wife, Sarah. They are a lot of fun. We also shared the table with Mr. Irsay's airplane staff. They had just flown in from Chicago with Mr. Irsay's mother.

Dan currently works exclusively for Mr. Irsay's wife, Meg. Andy has also done some work for Meg. So before dinner started, Dan brought her back to our table so I could meet her. She wanted to know all about the girls and gave us some of her best mommy advice. She's very down-to-earth.

Dinner was wonderful - salmon and beef tenderloin. And I can't forget to mention dessert. Chocolate footballs with white and chocolate mousse. Check out the photo!

The excitement in the room was unbelievable. Before the rings were presented, we were all surprised with a special guest from comedian, Sinbad. Yeah, the one from A Different World - with Whitney and Dwayne Wayne. He was totally hilarious. He picked fun at the coach a lot and then some of the players.

There were several special videos with highlights from the season and then the Super Bowl. Then a drummer started to drum in the corner of the room and a man walked in playing some sort of lyre. An acrobat came in and was twirling from a hoop hanging from the center of the room. She then walked over to Mr. Irsay and presented him with the first ring. I could see it sparkle from clear across the room.

THEN! A 75+ member gospel choir walked in from the back, all wearing player jerseys. When they began to sing, servers walked in with trays holding everyone's rings. So, every table got their rings at the same time. The server came over and presented Andy with his ring. Talk about giddy. I think we were both shaking. It was so incredible that Dan started to cry.

Talk about a little boy's dream come true! I don't think Andy every imagined as a young fan, that some day he would get to be a part of their very first championship, and get his own ring! We were dumbfounded.

I looked up from our table and saw several players, including Peyton, celebrating their rings - hugging and posing for pictures. It was so incredible to be a part of that moment.

The ring Andy got has his name "Keller" on one side of it and it also says "Our Time" and "Faith" - which I think is so cool. His full name is inscribed on the inside of the ring.

Let Andy know if you'd like to see it. I'm sure he'd be happy to model it for you.

Andy and I with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Andy getting his ring!

The gospel choir.

Dan and Sarah - So cute.

Look at the screen! Peyton is checking out his ring!

Servers bringing the rings to the tables.

Ice sculpture table centerpieces.

Carving they were selling to display your ring. Check out this ring - it's the one that all the players and coaches receieved.

This side of the ring says, "Colts" and "Faith" with the game score - 29-17.

This side says, "Keller" and at the bottom says, "Our Time."


Kara said...

That is so incredible that even the staff gets to celebrate with a ring. Okay, now you seriously have to come back and visit Texas so we can all see the ring, and the girls. Congrats! :)

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

That is SO AWESOME!! What an opportunity of a life time to share with grandchildren and great grandchildren. What a blessing of an experience and a beautiful ring!!

ellinghouse said...

What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing with a blog post with great pictures. I will need to see that ring in person soon.

Ingraldi Family said...

Sounds like an exciting and very memorable night. Even though I am from Nebraska, I was rooting for the Colts that night. I can imagine that the excitement in that room was unbelieveable. You looked absolutely beautiful too. You remind me of your mom.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Congratulations on all the wonderful things happening in your lives right now! I'm so pleased for both of you and of course, we must see the ring in person and let Andy tell us the story over and over again!! Jenni and Andy you are both such a gorgeous couple and your little girls (Jean and Jan) are adoreable too! You make your Aunt Jean very proud! God is blessing you more than you would have ever expected! I love you both. Aunt Jean

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to be able to remember Andy's first year with the Colts. I'm so glad that this job has worked out for you guys and I'd have to say that none of us have these types of perks with our job! Very cool.... can't wait to see it.

The Liller Family said...

WOW! How cool is that?!?! Congrats - I can't wait to see the ring in person!!!

Anonymous said...

its cory WOW!!! andy i cant believe you werent lying about the superbowl ring thing.i thought u were joking like the time ur dad told me him and reggie miller play pool every weekend at the bar.i believed him till a couple years ago.im so glad u can have such a cool job maybe u can get peyton manning's autograph or next time u talk to marvin harrison tell him i say hi.lol.me and dad were looking for those hats u said u had for us but u must have forgotten.no big deal but it would be cool to have.:)we love u guys so much tell everybody hi and God bless. PS:it was really fun being ur guide on the east rainy butte.white butte is 3506 feet above sea level so the rainy is about 3500.and a butte is formed by a glacier carving all the land around it so it leaves a flat butte where the glacier didnt go. thought i would answer a few of those questions.:) God Bless