Three Keller Girls

Last Friday, we went up to the McCord's party barn with a bunch of other mommies and babies and had a water play date. I decided to join in on the fun and get in the baby pool with the girls.

They love the water. In fact, they sat in this pool for nearly an hour and had a ball.

So, logically, I figured we needed one of these at home. So, I picked one up at Walmart today. Watch for more photos of water adventures to come.


Nic.Jme.Jacklynn said...

YeS!! I love this pic!

Haffner Home said...

Looks like fun. We should meet at the Fishers Y soon. I was just up there and they have a great kiddie pool!! The girls and Landon can play and we can catch up!

kim burton said...

jenni-you had twins less than a year ago and you fit in a kiddie pool...you look fabulous, and I'm way impressed:)