Whose babies are those?

There's been much debate over who our girls look like. My personal opinion? I think Jillian looks an awful lot like mommy. We certainly have the same smile and nose. Although, she does have daddy's eyes (which are very distinct).

Lauren, I believe, has Andy's nose and smile, but is mommy's body type and hair. She maybe has my eyes, it's hard to tell.

What do you think?


Ingraldi Family said...

I definitely think Jillian looks like you. She has your nose. I see lots of similarities there in your baby pictures. I think that Lauren has your eyes but looks like Andy in her face. I can't wait to see them grow up and then I can pull out the pictures from our early years and really compare! Remember those homemade glamour shots!?!?!

Christina said...

Oh I love the comparision pics. Both your girls are beautiful. I agree with you - Jillian looks like you and Lauren looks like Andy.

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

Amazing Pictures!!!!!!!!! That is awesome to see how much the girls are a mix of both of you!! And I love the pic you got of the three of them with Dad!!! HA!!! It is awesome to see how they all reacted to our craziness! LOVE IT!! Great pics Jenni!!!