Best daddy ever!

So we celebrated Father's Day on Sunday and honored the best daddy ever - our daddy! On Saturday, we made breakfast for Andy with all his favorites.

Then he opened his gifts and was so surprised to learn that Lauren and Jillian had gotten him a massage at a spa that afternoon. He must have enjoyed it, because he talked about it all day.

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon at my parents house and then the evening at Andy's parents house. It's so wonderful to have both families here in town, so we don't miss out on important celebrations with each other.

All the gifts and cards don't seem like enough to honor Andy. He truly is the world's best daddy. When people ask me how I do it with two babies at once, I tell them it's because of him. From the beginning he has been so hands on and anyone who sees him with them knows how much he adores the girls.

I knew from when we first started dating that someday he's be an incredible dad and I was right. We're so lucky that he's ours.

My dad with Jillian. She is going to be riding that bike in no time!

Andy's dad, Duane, with all his granddaughters. I had to use this pic, because there were about 5 adults all trying to get the girls attention (by making lots of noise) and it was a bit past bedtime so Sophie got a little scared. So cute!

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