Memorial Day fun!

We experienced our first weekend away with the girls over Memorial Day weekend. We took a trip to Grand Haven, Michigan for two nights to attend the wedding of one of Andy's college friends. And we had a great time.

I was a bit nervous about how they would do in the car (it was a 4hr drive), but they did perfectly. Then I worried that they wouldn't sleep in the hotel room, but they went down without a hitch... and STAYED down until morning! It was such a blessing and I was so proud of them.

We also got to take the girls swimming for the first time. They were both so relaxed in the water. I think they really liked it. I figured they would since they love their bath so much.

Overall, Michigan was a really nice time. We enjoyed visiting with our friends and their kids. I only wish we had had more time to hang out.

When we got home from Michigan, we had a fun get together with family and friends on Sunday night at the McCord's party barn in honor of dad's 50th birthday.

On Monday, we were invited to Lake Morse with the McCord's to enjoy their lakefront condo and boat. We took the girls swimming again and had a great time hanging out with family and eating yummy food.


Cassie said...

Hooray! What good girls :)
I'm glad you had a good time. I'll be attempting my own 8 hr solo road trip with the girls in a week... yikes.
Looks like Jilli will be ready for pigtails soon!

Christina said...

How wonderful the girls we so good for you. Was that Jeff D. wedding? If so I would love to see pics of the wedding. In speptember all four of us are in my sister-in-laws wedding at 12:30 -- nap time is 12:45 -- I hope we have the same good luck you guys had.

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures of the girls! They are just so darned cute and I saw the precious little Jake in the background in the last photo. Let's hope having the twins around will help him adjust to having a new sister! Shannon looks cute in the one photo! I hope she's doing well. Take care and keep those photos coming. Love, Aunt Jean