Finger Foods

Since about the time we returned home from our trip in North Dakota, Lauren has decided she no longer wants mommy to feed her from the spoon. A product of teething, I'm almost sure of it.

That means, these girls are almost exclusively eating table food. Jillian will still let me feed her a little bit, so she gets her fruit and veggies that way, since she can't pick stuff up yet as well as Lauren. They also will eat a little bit of YoBaby yogurt from a spoon, but that's about it.

Their current favorite foods include: turkey meatballs (a great recipe, I'm happy to share), ditallini pasta (perfect size and shape) with parmesan cheese and/or cream cheese, bread, wheat tortillas with melted cheddar, grapes, bananas, peas, carrots, graham sticks, beans (black, pinto), bagels with cream cheese, cheese cubes and of course, Cherios!


Mackey Family said...

YUMMY IN THE TUMMY. I think your girls are the first babies that I have seen that will eat beans at that age.I know its healthy.I'm sure it makes for a wonderful scent afterwards.Your doing a great job keeping my cousins healthy.Love Tammy

The Liller Family said...

They're growing up so fast!!! I can't believe they'll be 1 soon! The turkey meatballs sound delicious - I'll take the recipe if you're really willing to share - my kids could use a few new choices to eat!