Happy birthday to our friends!

Our friend, Kai, turned one on July 31. We weren't able to stay at his party very long, but we heard he was pretty much a natural when it came to devouring his cake. So, the girls wanted to stop by the other day to hang out with him and ask him for some cake-eating pointers. Really they just played.

Then, a couple weeks later, our friend Landon turned one (Aug 11). We went to his birthday party and were so jealous of his cool monkey cakes. He also looked like he had fun with his cake.

Happy birthday, friends. And way to go mommies, Kelly and Crystal, for doing such a great job with your beautiful baby boys!

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Haffner Home said...

Thanks for your attendance Keller girls! It was very fun to have you all there. Landon is so blessed with great friends and family! And, those monkey cakes were all Debbie Musgrave. All we did was think of the monkey idea. Her website is still under construction, but can be found at bakeboutique.com.