Spray park fun

We have several really cool spray parks close to home. Some friends invited us to play today and so we joined them.

It's been awhile since the girls have been out in the water, but Lauren really loved it and was more courageous than I expected her to be. She was crawling right towards the spray and was very curious. She even was leaning over a water spray and when it came on, it went right in her face (and up her nose). She wasn't very happy about that, as you can imagine.

Jillian had fun, too. But more by just watching all the kids and taking in the scenery.
You can't see her sweet face, but the third baby in the pic is our (sorta) cousin, Jacklynn. She's stinkin cute (check out her blog).

Lauren loves to splash!


Mackey Family said...

You guys in Indiana have all the fun! That is such a great idea having spray parks. I have never heard of them before. What a great way to have fun and keep cool. Tammy

Doll House said...

What fun that looks like!! You will have to give all the good spots to take Reagan next summer. Can't believe the girls are going to be one next month!