Hanging out

It's been so hot here the entire month, so we've not done as much outdoors as we would like. But, the girls don't seem to mind. They never seem to get tired of their toys. In fact, I think I'm more bored with their toys than they are.

Lauren's newest interest are books. She loves looking at the pictures and smiles when you read to her. Her favorite is a Baby Einsten book called, "What Floats?" I'm not sure why she loves it, but she truly does. This picture is of her with all her books, making the same cheesy face she seems to make every time the camera is around now.

Jillian also likes books, but still loves to simply bang toys together. She is such a silly girl. I love watching her funny personality emerge. She loves to get in Josie's bed still and will giggle when you come to get her out. I had put away their "Johnny Jumper" because they weren't all that interested in it a couple months ago, but now Jillian will jump and spin in it for the longest time.

The girls do a lot of mimicking lately, too. They mimic noises and now gestures - they're learning "hi" and "bye-bye." It's so amazing to watch their brains develop in new ways all the time.


Ingraldi Family said...

How fun! This is such a great age. I love their pictures and learning about their different personalities. I can't believe they will be a year old next month. You have beautiful, happy girls!

Haffner Home said...

"I think as adults, we all know what floats and what doesn't float. We all kinda can guess within a fairly close percentage what's gonna float."
— David Letterman, February 28, 2002