Cute Pic and Story

Yesterday, I had the fun task of watching my friend Jaime's little girl, Jacklynn (13 mo) and my friend Kristin's little boy, Owen (16 mo), for the morning.

They did great. I snapped a photo of the girls watching Sesame Street - something my girls are REALLY into right now (especially Elmo). Owen missed out because he was taking his morning nap (such a good boy!).

Jillian really likes Jacklynn. I think because she thinks Jacklynn is a baby. She gets in her face and giggles and the way Jacklynn looks back at her cracks me up. It's like she's saying "Hey, I'm only a couple months younger than you!"

It's interesting how both the girls show interest in babies. Lauren loves her baby dolls - she holds them, feeds them, rocks them. And Jillian loves REAL babies. Whenever we're around my niece, Emily, she loves to get her her blanket or hand her toys. It's very sweet.

It makes me hopeful that they will both like their new baby sister.

Funny Story

OK. So now for the funny story. It's totally unrelated to this picture, but I still had to share.

Lately, Lauren has started talking a lot. It seems like she adds new words every week. Lately, some of her best words are - juice, eat, cracker, thank you (melt my heart!), bless you (after a sneeze (also, melt my heart)), bye-bye, momma, daddy - and the latest addition, "Ew!"

She started laughing when I would say it and then she started to say it. So, then I began to associate the word with her going poo-poo. I'd say "Did you go poo-poo? Ew!" And she thought it was funny.

Then, last night in the bathtub, we were getting the girls out and dressed for bed. We had Jillian out and Lauren was still playing in the water, when suddenly she said, "Ew!" Totally unprovoked. We looked in the tub, only to find she had gone poo-poo in the water.

It was so hilarious, but also so smart of her! It's a funny story, but I was impressed with how quickly she put my association of the word with the action. What a genius :)

The other funny part of the story, was us trying to hold Lauren (with Jillian half-dressed in my lap) from climbing out of the tub while Andy wiped her bum. But, while he was doing this, his gag reflux kicked in and he could hardly keep from choking while he got her cleaned up. I was laughing, telling him to breathe through his mouth. I think it was funnier for me, than for him. But, we both had a good laugh over it later.


Haffner Home said...

Oh, man. That's funny sh...[Ah]

Merrie Leigh said...

SOOO funny! I wish we could have come over Sunday but Mikey was being a lazy bum. I hope all is well at your house! Miss you guys! Love ya!

Andy Keller said...

That's the 4th time one of them has poo-d in the bathtub while I was on watch...it's a memory builder. AND, for the record, I taught Lauren the "Ew!" thing in case anyone is counting. A dad has got to stake claim to some things.

poefamily said...

That's nasty! Actually it's been a while since we had a poop-in-the-tub incident and I'm grateful, although I know it's coming again. Can't say I ever found it too funny. Have hope though, eventually we got the point with Jake when you could tell him not to poop in the tub and he woudln't. It's all part of the trip!


The Poes said...

That is just nasty! I am glad it didn't happen on my watch.
But it doesn't surprise me they are picking up words so quick. And it should be noted that they both say papaw!
I love it!