We got to go outside!

The weather yesterday was too good to be true. I think it hit the 60s. It was sunny and warm and wonderful.

Andy and I took the girls to Clay Terrace (an outdoor shopping center) and walked around for a while, ate lunch and I got a new phone (hooray!). The sun and fresh air felt so nice.

Then, later in the afternoon, Andy's parents returned from Florida and so they and Mike and Merrie Leigh came over for a visit. We ended up outside, where the girls thought they were in heaven. They were squealing while they ran and played in the backyard.

They were wearing some of the super-cute new spring shirts I bought them recently, so I snapped a few pictures.

We enjoyed it while it lasted, because today, we're back to the 30s - with NO warmth in sight.

Seriously, I am so sick of winter. We've been couped up for way to long and this momma's about the give Old Man Winter a piece of her mind, if he doesn't hit the road - SOON!


Anonymous said...
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Mackey Family said...

It looks like you had the weather we had last weekend. Dave went for a motorcycle ride in just a sweatshirt and jacket.NICE-NICE
If I ever get to Indy will you take me to all of those cool shopping centers? With all of the places I would like to see, I might have to say at Duanes for a while so I could take it all in. Looks like you have some fun places.
One request...Please take pictures of your house...I would love to see it! Looks like a great BIG back yard for the girls.Take care!

Merrie Leigh said...

Yay! The pictures turned out so cute!!! That was such a fun day! Mike and I have so enjoyed spending time with you guys! THanks for letting us bumb around at your cozy new house! Love ya!

Emily said...

where did our nice weather go? I want it back!

Haffner Home said...

They're all cute, but that shot of Jilly Jill is super [Ah]