Going to the Park!

I love this picture of Jillian. Doesn't she have a sweet face?!

Nothing like a snack on the slide :)

This is Lauren climbing, climbing, climbing. She couldn't go down this slide, because of the pool of water at the entry. But, she had a fun time splashing in it.

Lauren also loved the swings. I'm sure she doesn't remember them from last summer. She would giggle and smile. But, unlike last year, she only sat in them for a couple minutes. There was just too much to explore.

We had a great LONG weekend with Daddy home (Andy had Friday off). So, Friday afternoon we headed for the park.

The girls had a great time exploring. They like the swings, but not as much as they enjoyed climbing on the jungle gym. The insist on standing upright and holding the rail when they climb the stairs, rather than staying on all fours. Which, made me nervous since the rail is right next to the edge of the step, which leads to a long fall to the ground. Andy and I split up, each taking one of the girls.

We had a blast, but Andy and I were exhausted after an hour and I learned that I will not be taking both girls to the park without an extra set of hands any time soon. At least not parks with tall jungle gyms.

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