Bed bug update

So, Emily was asking if perhaps it was the bugs in my bed making all that ruckus last night. Which made me laugh. But, it reminded me to give an update on my buggy situation.

Since I've washed the sheets in really hot water, I've not seen anything else show up on my hands and feet. Andy never got bit. And I might just have to agree with Mindy that Andy was the problem all along. Ha!

I had several people ask if perhaps it was some type of allergic reaction, which it very well could have been, since the weather has warmed up and we've been outdoors in the grass some.

Another suggestion was that the home's prior owners could have had a pet and it could possibly be fleas. But, I haven't had any cravings for dogbones or felt the urge to pee on any hydrants... so it couldn't be that :)

Honestly, that possiblity alone makes me reconsider having our carpets shampooed soon.

Anywho - thanks for all your comments and concerns. I'll keep you informed, because I know you're dying to know about my bug bites.

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