My first quake

We had an interesting night last night. Lauren was up several times due to a fever from teething (my best guess). Neither of the girls have ever been real feverish, so it was a strange occurance for her and for mommy. Actually pulling out the thermometer and seeing it read 102 degrees was very unexpected.

So, I was up at 1am, 2:30am, 3:30am and then at 5:30am, I was awakened by something else unexpected. Something at first I thought was my husband having a crazy dream. We both felt it, but because Andy sleeps through everything and because I had already been up a few times, we both drifted right back to sleep.

So, this morning I said - Andy you did something crazy in your sleep last night. I know - he says. I'm still laughing that he kinda thought he was the one shaking the bed (that shows how out of it he is in the night). Then he came and told me that it had actually been an earthquake. Weird.

But, the exciting news is, it was my first! I didn't think quakes hit Indiana. But, it was a doozy. Richter said 5.4. And he doesn't just make this stuff up!


Mackey Family said...

I heard about this on the news. And wondered if you guys felt it. Hope this isn't the start of something in your area.That won't be fun. Take Care

Ellinghouse said...

are you sure it just wasn't the bed bugs having a party? Just kidding...of course I blogged about it too! Crazy I tell ya!