Playing outside

The girls LOVE to play outside - especially Lauren who constantly asks to go out. The other day we were passing time, waiting for Andy to get home and I decided to break out the sidewalk chalk.

I love seeing their little legs in shorts. Look at those cute knees! We don't have a lot of outdoor toys right now, but they love to walk up and down our entryway. They think they're big stuff stepping up and down this front step all by themselves.

Lauren enjoyed carrying the bucket more than she liked drawing with the chalk. Notice the chalk on her mouth.

Jillian had chalk ALL over her shirt. This is her kindly offering to share her chalk with mommy.

The plan was to take the girls pictures with this drawing with the camera on my phone and send it to Andy at work - but the girls wouldn't stay put long enough. Oh well - I thought my sidewalk art was cute so I took a picture anyway.


ibdawnk said...

I think your chalk drawing is just fabulous! :)
We need to meeet at the park as soon as it gets nice again.
We love the park over close to your house!

poefamily said...

The girls are getting so big! and just as cute as ever!