The bed bugs bit!

I'm so grossed out right now. I woke up a couple days ago with some sores on my hands and they hurt like small blisters almost. I chocked it up to some type of labor I had done that day and thought nothing of it.

The next morning I woke up with several more sores on my hands and one on the bottom of my foot. Now, I'm thinking it happened in bed and possibly by a spider. Yuck!

Last night, I had Andy thoroughly inspect the sheets and the bed for bugs or cobwebs and we found nothing.

I woke up several times last night after dreaming about it and quickly inspecting myself for bugs.

So, the drama continued, when today I woke up with more bites on my feet!

I'm really paranoid now. And I'm looking for some advice on what to try.

So far, my plan is to wash the sheets and comforter and vacuum the mattress. What else, aside from spraying toxic chemicals on my pillow!, could I try??


Ingraldi Family said...

I read an article in Reader's Digest a few months ago on bed bugs. I found it online for you, maybe it will have some good advice. It will make you itchy. Hope you find out what's going on.


Anonymous said...

You could also try having your bed professionally cleaned. Some carpet cleaning companies offer this service.

Amber said...

Is it just you, or does Andy have bites, too? If it's only you, I doubt it is bedbugs. Maybe an allergy or something if it is affecting only you? I feel sorry for you, though!

Truthfully, if you can at all afford it, I'd throw the pillows out and replace them. Wash all the linens in HOT water, vaccuum the bed and then get a plastic mattress cover to try to sufocate anything thats in there.

If all else fails, call the Orkin man!

Amber said...

If you cannot replace the pillows, can you live without them a few days? If so, double bag them in tightly tied garbage bags and suffocate them that way (like us teachers have to do to get rid of lice in our classrooms).

mr. bland said...

I'm with the earlier post. It is probably Andy.
Testing this theory is simple, throw him out to the couch for a day or two.

heather b said...

Jenny, when we moved into this house, the previous owners had a dog. Most of the flooring we replaced on the first floor. However, we were getting small bites at night time. I FEARED THE WORST....bed bugs. However, Matt called a friend who was an exterminator and he said it is fairly hard to get bed bugs unless you have recently BOUGHT a mattress. They are having some trouble with them in mattresses. What we discovered however was that it was fleas. Bedbugs are...well, I will spare you the remedy for bedbugs unless you have them you don't want to know. However, fleas he told us hatch in the spring and late summer. The eggs may have been in the house when you moved in and are now only hatching. A couple of treatments from a professional and you are good to go.

hoping no bed bugs....