My new ride

A few weeks ago I went to a Mother's of Twins Sale, organized by the twin's club I belong to with the hopes of scoring a triple stroller.

I'd been watching online for used strollers, but most people wanted about $150-$200 for them. New, they retail for about $400 to the fancy Peg Perego triple stroller for more than $1000 (unbelievable!).

Andy and I went to the special "preview" for members on Friday night. We got there early and stood in line. I knew if anyone was selling a triple stroller, it would be a mom of multiples. So, we had gotten a sitter for a date night, and started our date here - so romantic :)

I walked in and saw one immediately. I walked up and asked how much she wanted. She said $50! Can you believe it? Now, it's the oldest and ugliest stroller I've ever seen... but I seriously don't care. The stress it will save me is worth any embarrassment I might face.

So, here's a pic of me with my new ride. I'm 28 weeks pregnant now. I can't believe how different it is to carry one. My belly looks much cuter this time (in my humble opinion) and not so oval and HUGE!


Mira said...

You're so cute. I got a phil and teds stroller (for 2 not 3) which obviously won't work for you, BUT most of the time I've been carrying my son in the sling with Mira in the stroller. It's working great while he's little and he likes it oh so much better than if he were in a stroller!!! I definitely recommend it! You can probably get around for a few months with your double stroller!

mrs. bland said...

You look GREAT! I can't believe you're already at 28 weeks!? Wow! We definitely need to get together soon before the craziness really starts!

PS...how are the bed bugs??

Lynn said...

Jenni, You look adorable, I miss you! Do you think you can push it when you get it all filled??? I hope you never have to push uphill!
Love to you! Like your new format. I started a blog!
(I should have gotten help with my blog name!!!) xoxox

Merrie Leigh said...

You're one hott momma! And geez what a stellar ride! Add some rims on that and maybe some fuzzie dice and the keller girls will be rollin in style! ;-)

Christina said...

Congrats on the amazing find - and you do look very cute - but I thought you looked adorable last time as well.

Vermilion Family said...

I love the new ride! You may think it's ugly now but once you put your beautiful girls in there it will turn into the highlight of the neighborhood and look so cute! Can't wait to catch up soon, hope your feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenni - Just wanted to say hi and congrats on the new little lady on the way! Your girls are so cute! They are getting so big too. I was just talking to Cassie at church the other day about you to see how you were doing. Looks like you're busy :) If you have a second - feel free to drop a line. chaseandholly@yahoo.com