Sweet Sophie

Last week, we celebrated Mike's graduation from college (Andy's bro)! We were all together with the family and as usual I was snapping shots of all the kids playing.

I caught some "classic" shots of our niece, Sophie - and by "classic" I mean:

1) She was wearing her pajama bottoms, because when she woke from her nap and daddy was getting ready to bring her, she refused to take them off.

2) I attempted three times to get a picture of her actually looking at me and the camera. This girl has the attention span of a monkey after a shot of espresso and I love her for it! I was saying Sophie! Look at me! Say cheese! Which she would do, but in the 1/2 second it would take me to actually snap the shot, she had already looked away. Shannon, I know you're laughing out loud right now!

3) Her super sweet smile!

We love you, Sophie! So glad you're our niece and cousin!

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Shannon said...

Oh how I am laughing out loud!!!! Yep!! That's Sophie ;)!! I love all the pictures of the girls and us. Jillian and Dad look great in the family picture, because it's their smiles. I love it all!! Great memories!!