Congrats to Mike!

I'm late on this post, but just wanted to say how proud we are of Andy's brother, Mike. He recently graduated from Purdue and has already landed his first "real" job.

I wish I could explain to you what it is that he's doing, but I can't. His degree is in construction management and he's working with an exciting new company, who has already begun to trust him with some major projects. Go, Mikey, Go!

These pics are from his graduation party last weekend.

Jillian wanted to help Mike with his gifts.

Another Keller family photo - this time with Merrie Leigh - Mike's girl, who we love and adore :)

The girls were letting Mike's balloons go outside. My girls were very confused as to why they were doing this.

Jilli thinking - Why do we let the balloons go, when it's so fun to hold on to them?

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