Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday, Grammy (Debbie), treated all her granddaughters to lunch and games at Chuck E. Cheese. We had a really fun time. Sophie rode the rides immediately and even some of the "big girl" rides with her mommy.

My girls took a bit to warm up to the rides, but once they did, they went again and again. I think their favorite part was putting the coins in the slots all by themselves.

With the tickets we won, the girls each got a Tootsie Pop and some bracelets. Grammy also bought them each a little purse with real cosmetics.

Thanks again for treating us all, Grammy!

Lauren loved the slide.

Jillian was patting Bob the Builder on the head during the ride.

This was a musical game. Basically, you just played the keyboard and hit the colored post (they made drum sounds).

Jillian in the "school bus"

Lauren showed her "Keller" side and picked the Tractor ride as her favorite.

Pop goes the weasel!

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Ike and Suz said...

Georgia loves to put the tokens in the machines and then run up the ramp and put the balls in the skiball instead of rolling them in. That is so funny that your girls do it too. Good to know my kids isn't the only sill one. Love the photos. Hope you are feeling well!