Shan-Shan ran-ran the Mini Marathon!

The girls and Grammy, taking turns jumping off the "cliff."

Jillian and her Uncle Jason. She was laughing so hard. It was super cute.

After the race, Shannon was all smiles. I think I would have been throwing up after 13 miles, but she seemed energized enough to run another 13!

This pictures shows off our Fan Club shirts - they say "Shan-Shan we know you can-can do it!", "Aunt Shan-Shan, I'm your #1 fan-fan!" and "My sister Shan-Shan ran-ran the Mini! (I'm real proud!)"

My other sister-in-law, Shannon Pongratz, ran the Mini Marathon, a 13.1 mile race that is a really cool Indianapolis tradition.

It was quite an accomplishment and I was inspired by her commitment to train and compete in this event.

We unforunately didn't catch her when she ran by, but caught up with her after the race.

Andy, the girls and I all made t-shirts as official members of her fan club!

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