Nursery update

We got the crib together, the new dresser for the girls and the old dresser moved to the nursery. It's coming together and looking oh-so-sweet!


Merrie Leigh said...

It's so cute! I can't wait for her to come!

Storrs Family said...

Andy you're gay! and I hate that your room is done before mine . . . . and now my wife is putting pressure on me!

Anonymous said...

My friend Jenni is super-mom! Jen I check your blog maybe every month or so... as I was cruisin to your site I was expecting to find a few new posts and pics of the kiddos. Instead I find like a dozen posts and here I still am 1/2 hour later! I am amazed how you find time to do it all. You are a true domestic goddess!
Love ya. Cassie