Getting big

As much as I want to deny it, my girls are getting big. I see it more in pictures than in real life, which makes it much easier to deny.

My mom and I took them this week to get their pictures taken at JCPenneys and I couldn't believe how big they looked as I reviewed the shots. I'll have those pictures to share with you soon.

But, this is an example of the "big girl" look I've seen lately...

Lauren was looking for Daddy in the garage. I love her legs in these tights!


The Liller Family said...

Okay, for a minute I thought the picture of Lauren in the doorway was Sophie! Guess they both have the Keller genes - amazing!!! Love the hat pics too. And yes, they grow up before we're ready - it's sad yet cool at the same time.

The Ingraldi Family said...

They look more and more like big girls everytime I see pictures, and less like babies. I know it is heartbreaking and fun at the same time to see them grow up. Seeing Ava is like seeing Kati as a baby, but hard to believe how much she's grown up.