Memorial Day Weekend

Jillian wanted to swing with me - I squeezed her on to what little lap I have left.

Big Momma on the swings - Jillian wanted to join in on the fun.

Dinner at Chipotle - the girls all held hands as we walked in the restaurant.

Jillian did really well on the "big girl" swing. With daddy close by, of course.

We had such a perfect Memorial Day weekend. The only downer was the horrible sunburn I got on Saturday. I sat outside during the girls nap and read, I put on sunscreen with an SPF 4, apparantly not enough for my sensitive skin.

We spent a lot of quality time with family and the weather was really nice.

On Saturday, we went to the park and met up with Jason and Shannon and Soph, for a fun time of playing. The fun was topped off with dinner at Chipotle and ice cream at Handel's. Yum!

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