Father's Day 2008

We had a nice Father's Day yesterday celebrating all things dad. We started the day with homemade biscuits and sausage gravy and let Andy open his gift - new shoes!

Jillian wanted to "dance" with daddy on his new shoes!

Lauren wanted to play in the shoe box.

Then, we had a nice lunch at my parents house and enjoyed the kids, opened presents and visited.
Here's me, my dad and my brother, Ryan.

These are of the girls with their cousin, Emily - who they totally adore. They love babies and talk about Emily all the time.

Next, we were off to Andy's parents for a relaxing evening of food, games, presents and fun with the kids.

I was getting tired, so I didn't do as great of job at getting pictures here, but the highlight was when the girls (little girls, anyway) stripped down to their diapers and enjoyed popsicles in the backyard.

Instead of getting dressed again, they just played outside in their diapers and enjoyed the bubbles, the slide and the new playhouse that Grammy and Grandpa just got for them.

Here's nakey Lauren, enjoying the great outdoors!

We're very lucky to have such great daddies in our lives. I am so thankful to have so many great men in our lives, who adore our girls. The example and the security they provide them will do wonders for their confidence as young women and the health of their future relationships. What an immeasurable gift!

We love you Papaw (Steve), Grandpa (Duane), Uncle Ryan, Uncle Jason, Uncle Mikey and especially our Daddy, Andy!

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