We love the water

So far, we've spent just a few days in the water this season, but the girls love it! It's going to be a fun summer outdoors.

We recently went to join our friends at their neighborhood pool and they had a perfect 1ft deep pool for the kids. I couldn't believe how well the girls did and how much fun they had.

All the girls anxiously waiting for Jaime coming up the sidewalk. More friends! Hooray!

The water was just a tad cold that day! The pool had opened just a week before and this one isn't heated! Yowsa!

The girls did so good at the pool and when we got home, they amazingly still wanted to play. We ate lunch outside and I spoiled them with a chocolate chip cookie (Jillian really enjoyed it... just look at that chocolate mouth!)

I also spoiled them my letting them drink the juice from a juice box for the first time. We don't do straight juice at the Keller's... it's more like a 75% water, 25% juice combo. So, this was obviously a real treat for them. Not to mention the fun straw!

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Anonymous said...

I love that I am not the only mommy who is wierd about sugar and juice... my fam gives me such a hard time.
Just another example that you and I share a brain!
Can't wait to come see you and the girlies