Stop complaining

Yesterday Andy came home and told me he read about a woman in North Carolina who gave birth to twins, who had a combined weight of more than 23lbs!! I about wet myself!! (Don't believe me?)

And, get this, that's not even the record holder. I guess the record was set in 1927, by a woman whose twins were a combined weight of 23lb 12oz.

As I near the end of this pregnancy, I have a lot of people asking how this pregnancy has compared to the last and I just have to say... there is no comparison!

I had a combined total of 14lb 4oz of baby in me last time, not to mention two bags of fluid, two placentas, etc. I couldn't even sit up to eat at the table. I lived on the couch and not by choice. I remember simple tasks like flipping my head over to blow dry my hair and wiping, for goodness sake, became a major struggle.

I couldn't eat. My body wouldn't tolerate any kind of greasy food. I ate so many Quizno's salads that now I can hardly stomach to look at them sometimes.

I spent the last 10 weeks of that pregnancy sleeping on the couch, because the only comfortable position was slightly sitting up at a 45 degree angle.

And my legs... please, do I even have to mention my legs. I put on 14lbs of fluid weight in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy - No exaggeration.

Compared to this pregnancy...

I'm still in my bed (comfortable), still eating, still meeting my basic grooming needs, no swelling
and no major complaints.

Yes, I still have my days of saying I'm ready to not be pregnant, my back hurts, I'm so limited .... blah blah blah. But, then I read about this lady and I think about where I was just a couple of years ago and I say, you think you're uncomfortable?? No. No you're not.

This was my last official outing before the girls came at Hill Fest 2006, I was about 36 weeks. I don't look nearly as miserable as I felt this day.


I'm 37 weeks today and feeling great. Yes, this is the same outfit I was wearing in my last prego pic, but I'm running out of options and I have washed it a couple times since then.


Todd, Anitra, Mason, Sam and Ethan said...

All I can say is I can relate! Oh, those last months of being pregnant with the boys was just horrible. I couldn't really "enjoy" my pregnancy sitting from my couch or recliner and wondering if I would ever see my feet again. I'm so glad this is a better experience!!

DesignHER Momma said...

either way, you are still one HOT Momma....in more than one way...