First trip to the zoo

Last week, we went to the zoo for the first time with the girls. The last time Andy and I had been to the zoo was about 9 years ago on one of our first dates.

It was a little ambitious, since we had just gotten back to town from our trip in Michigan. The girls were exhausted from their fun weekend with all the grandparents, it was a scorching 86 degrees and I was 35 weeks pregnant.

The pictures are all from the first exhibit we walked through (indoors and air-conditioned). After that it was a lot of hot and not a lot of smiles... therefore, not a lot of picture taking.

I'm glad we gave it a shot and we'll definitely try it again another time. The girls are really into animals right now (naming them and making their sounds), so I know under different circumstances, they would really enjoy themselves.

I like this picture, because it shows the girls new trick of holding mommy's hand and holding each other's hand. This has made it possible for me to run quick errands, without having to pull out the double stroller.


Looking at the polar bear!

I think the penguins were their favorite!

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