What we love about summer

This summer has been a lot of fun so far. Life is about to change for us in a major way, so here are the treats we're savoring...

1) Water! The girls love the water this summer. Whether it's the three-ring pool in our backyard, the Monon Center, friend's neighborhood pools, the McCord family barn, or the spray parks. It's fun fun fun in the sun.

2) Food! Summer has also opened the door to some fun summer treats. Popsicles are a new one. We had them on Father's Day and then again yesterday at the McCord's party barn. These were tropical flavored and mommy was stealing a taste any chance she got!

3) Friends! I've had lots of fun with my friends and the girls with theirs... but two I have to give a shout out to are Jaime and Shannon! These girls have helped me tremendously as I juggle two toddlers and my ever-growing belly. I swear they've been my sanity. They've kept me going by planning lots of fun activities and are always willing to lend a hand when they see me hitting the wall (figuritively).

4) Naps! I realize that adding a new baby is going to totally disrupt the beautiful schedule I have in life right now. Naps have been awesome - especially after the water activities! I shower and sometimes nap, too. I'm trying to take full advantage of it while I can :)

5) Tan lines! With all this outdoor fun, I'm actually getting a tan for the first summer in years!

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ibdawnk said...

Saw you at church tonight and wondered how you were doing but I had a friend with me so I did not get around to ask how all was. Hope you are well. Call if you need someone to keep the girls while you rest/shop/regain your sanity. :)